Appetizers & Salads Price
Cauliflower Fritters Rs. 450.00
Roasted Beef Platter Rs. 550.00
Salad Nicoise Rs. 450.00
Grilled Chicken & Fresh Papaya Salad with Ginger Sesame Dressing Rs. 600.00
Chef Salad Rs. 750.00
Fresh Garden Mixed Salad Rs. 400.00
Seasonal Mango Salad Rs. 450.00
Cucumber & Spring Onion Salad Rs. 350.00
Chicken & Pineapple Salad Rs. 475.00
Crispy Green Salad with Tomato & Onions Rs. 350.00
Soups Price
Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon & Nutmeg Served with Crotons Rs. 350.00
Vegetable Broth with Fresh Coriander & Deep Brest of Chicken Rs. 500.00
Lentil Soup Arabic Style Rs. 400.00
Sea Food Bisque Rs. 450.00
Prawn Bisque Rs. 550.00
Gratinated Onion Soup Rs. 500.00
Cream of Vegetable Rs. 500.00
Crab & Egg Soup Rs. 600.00
Cream of Chicken Soup Rs. 550.00
Chicken Broth With Glass Noodles Rs. 600.00
From Our Hot Range Price
Fish Cakes
Pan Fried Tuna served with Mayonnaise Potatoes and Garden Vegetables
Rs. 800.00
Grilled Seer Fish
Served with Buttered Vegetables and Lemon Butter Sauce
Rs. 850.00
Grilled Spring Chicken
Served with Sesame Rice accompanied with B.B.Q Sauce
Rs. 750.00
Mixed Grilled
Served with Roast Potatoes and Crispy Garden Salad
Rs. 1250.00
Nuwara Eliya Tenderloin Steak
Served with Roasted Potato and Grilled Vegetables
Rs. 700.00
Pepper Steak
Served with Grilled Pineapple and Garlic Rice
Rs. 800.00
Beef Kebab
Marinated Beef Filet on Skewer served with Oriental Rice
Rs. 750.00
Chicken Kebab
Grilled Skewered Chicken with Onions and Green Peppers served with Ghee Rice
Rs. 750.00
Pork Chops
Pork Chops with Ginger & Garlic, served with Yellow Rice & Grilled Vegetables
Rs. 1300.00
Baked Whole Fish (500gms)
Delicious local whole Mullet Fish Baked with Garlic Butter served with Roasted
Potato Puree with Lime & Steamed Vegetables
Rs. 1800.00
Grilled Sea Food Platter
Combination of Ocean Fresh Sea Food, served with Baked Potato & Fresh Garden
Rs. 2300.00
Sri Lankan Spicy Corner Price
Mixed Vegetable Curry
With Choice of Rice served on Banana Leaves with a selection of Vegetables and Papadm
Rs. 450.00
Sinhala Fish Curry
Local style Curry with skinless Chunks of Mullet served with Delicious Steamed Fragrant Basmati Rice with an accompaniment of Vegetables Chutney, Dhal Curry & Papadam
Rs. 700.00
Rice & Curry
Served with Prawns accompanied with 02 Vegetable Curry, Dhal & Papadam
Rs. 850.00
Rice & Curry
Served with Chicken Coriander Curry and accompanied with 02 Vegetables Curry, Chutney & Papadam
Rs. 750.00
Selection of Beef, Fish, Chicken, Prawns. Accompanied with mint Sambol and Egg / Beef / Fish / Chicken / Prawns / Mutton
Rs. 900.00
Chinese Corner Price
Mixed Fried Rice
Accompanied with Fish, Beef, Chicken, Eggs, Prawns
Rs. 950.00
Vegetable Fried Rice
Served with Devilled / Curry accompanied with onion Salad
Chicken / Fish / Pork / Prawns/ Beef
Rs. 850.00
Mixed Sea Food Rice
Served with selection of Fish, Prawns, Cuttlefish
Rs. 1200.00
Mixed Fried Noodles
Accompanied with Chicken, Beef, Pork, Prawns, Fish, Eggs
Rs. 950.00
Vegetable Fried Noodles
Served with Devilled / Curry accompanied with Chilly Paste
Beef / Fish / Chicken / Pork / Prawns
Rs. 700.00
Kankun with Garlic Rs. 350.00
Rs. 450.00
Rs. 950.00
Nasi Goreng Rice Rs. 1200.00
Chilly Crab Rs. 1100.00
Prawns In Garlic Sauce
Chinese style Prawns served in Fresh Garlic Sauce
Rs. 1450.00
Kan Kun Beef
Fresh Kan Kun Stir Fry with Beef Fillet & Garlic
Rs. 850.00
For the Small Appetites Price
Chicken Sandwich Rs. 550.00
Tuna Sandwich Rs. 500.00
Cheese & Tomato Sandwich Rs. 500.00
Egg Sandwich Rs. 400.00
Steak Sandwich Rs. 550.00
Vegetable Sandwich Rs. 400.00
The Silver Falls Club Sandwich Rs. 850.00
All Day Favourite Price
Deviled Chicken Rs. 650.00
Fried Chicken Rs. 600.00
Deviled Beef Rs. 650.00
Fried Beef Rs. 600.00
Deviled Fish Rs. 700.00
Fried Fish Rs. 650.00
Devilled Prawns Rs. 850.00
French Fried Potatoes Rs. 350.00
Potato Chips Rs. 400.00
Pan Fried Spicy Cashew Nuts Rs. 700.00
Deviled Pork Rs. 850.00
Fried Pork Rs. 800.00
Egg Corner Price
Plain Omlet Rs. 250.00
Savory Omlet Rs. 350.00
Cheese & Tomato Omelet Rs. 350.00
Cheese & Ham Omelet Rs. 400.00
Sausage Omelet Rs. 400.00
Sri Lankan Omelet Rs. 450.00
Poached Egg Rs. 350.00
Fried Egg Rs. 250.00
Boiled Egg Rs. 250.00
Desserts Price
Fruit Salad Rs. 300.00
Fresh Fruit Platter Rs. 475.00
Fruit Salad with Ice Cream Rs. 500.00
Curd with Honey Rs. 450.00
Ice Cream of Your Choice
(Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)
Rs. 350.00
Swiss Chocolate Cake Rs. 275.00
Jelly with Custard Cream Rs. 300.00
Cream Caramel Rs. 350.00
Milk Shakes Price
Strawberry Rs. 450.00
Chocolate Rs. 400.00
Vanilla Rs. 350.00
Banana Rs. 300.00
Fresh Juice Price
Pine Apple Rs. 350.00
Papaya Rs. 300.00
Lemon Rs. 300.00
Mixed Fruit Rs. 550.00
Soft Drinks Price
Fanta Rs. 200.00
Sprite Rs. 200.00
Coke Rs. 200.00
E.G.B Rs. 200.00
Soda Rs. 150.00
Mineral Water Price
Small Rs. 100.00
Large Rs. 150.00
Tea or Coffee Price
Ceylon Tea Served: Plain, With Milk, Fresh Lemon, Ginger, Mint Rs. 350.00
Filter Coffee: Plain, Milk Rs. 350.00
Cup of Tea Rs. 100.00
Cup of Coffee Rs. 100.00
Fresh Juice Price
Pine Apple Rs. 350.00
Fresh Papaya Rs. 300.00
Mixed Fruit Rs. 550.00
Fresh Fruit Platter Price
Fresh Mango Rs. 350.00
Papaya Rs. 275.00
Pine Apple Rs. 325.00
Apple Rs. 400.00
Banana Rs. 250.00
Curd Price
Fresh Buffalo Milk Curd with Kithul Honey Rs. 275.00
Cereals Price
Corn Flaks
(With Your Choice either Western or Sri Lankan
Rs. 350.00
Continental Breakfast Price
Fresh Pine Apple, Papaya Juice or Orange Juice
Bread Rolls, Toast Bread with Butter, Jam & Marmalade
Corn Flakes with Hot or Cold Milk
Fresh Fruits in Season
Tea or Coffee
Rs. 450.00
American Breakfast Price
Orange Juice or Papaya Juice
Toast, Jam, Butter, Marmalade
Two Eggs, made to your Choice
Becon or Sausages
Fresh Fruits in Season
Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate
Rs. 600.00